GE Renewable Energy pioneered and developed the digital wind farm to yield the most valuable outcomes for our customersimproving performance, lowering risk and reducing cost.

By applying advanced analytics and wind power software built on deep expertise, we are accelerating reliability at the turbine, farm and fleet level.

Through the constant collection of real time data—weather, component messages, service reports, performance of similar models in GE’s fleets—a predictive model is built and the data collected is turned into actionable insights. 


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Understanding a Digital Wind Farm

The Digital Wind Farm is an end-to-end wind energy system that leverages data, analytics, and software applications in partnership with our hardware and services solutions to enhance efficiency, cybersecurity, reliability, and profitability of your assets over their lifetime.

Offered as a part of GE's expanded services agreements, digital wind energy technology is built on the Predix platform, which provides a digital infrastructure for your wind farm, enabling you to collect, visualize and analyze asset-, farm- and fleet-level data. The result allows for advanced wind performance. Through the constant collection of this data—weather, component information, service reports and performance of similar models throughout the GE fleet—a digital wind predictive model is built and data is turned into actionable insights.

These models serve as the basis of our new suite of digital wind energy software applications, allowing wind farm operators to enhance maintenance strategies, improve reliability and availability, and increase annual energy production. From field service teams and site managers to diagnostic engineers to CIOs, the Digital Wind Farm provides and end-to-end business-focused solution for your entire enterprise.

Watch the short video below to learn more about what a digital wind farm is.

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Digital Wind Applications 

Our predictive models serve as the basis of our new suite of digital wind applications, allowing wind farm operators to improve maintenance strategies, improve reliability and availability, and increase annual energy production.

Enterprise SCADA (eSCADA)

Enterprise SCADA (eSCADA) is an advanced digital wind software application to achieve secure, real-time visibility and control of your wind farm equipment. It can help you whether you’re monitoring your ISP/OEM providing contractual services, starting to build a remote monitoring center, or operating an expanding fleet. eSCADA allows you to:

  • Control and gain visibility to fleet performance across multiple wind turbine technologies from different locations.
  • Prioritize alert response, shorten resolution time, and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Automate responses to alerts based on programmable fault handling procedures.
  • Promote open and efficient communication across all facets of operations and field services.
  • Comply with critical energy infrastructure regulations.


Cybersecurity Software for Digital Wind Energy Systems

Traditional risk management is focused on factors like fluctuation in renewables, dispatch priority, and dynamic fuel costs. Today, the threat of cyberattack and security breaches are equally prominent issues. They can cause trips, break operating limits, and quickly cascade into serious financial damage, or impact on human safety.

Our solution? We offer a suite of digital wind energy software products and services to help you stay aware, secure, and maintain the cybersecurity posture for your assets. 

Field Service Management (FSM)

Our FSM software is a solution suite that focuses on digitally enabling the workforce—across roles—to enhance performance, service delivery, and outcomes of renewable energy assets. Our field service management solutions connect insight into action at the right time, in the right place, with what’s needed to do the job right the first time.


Digital Plan of the Day (DPOD)

DPOD is part of our FSM solution and is focused on automating scheduling of planned and unplanned work through an integrated, cloud-based solution designed specifically for the wind industry.

DPOD’s automated algorithm schedules work orders with the goal of enhancing revenue and reducing costs by considering parameters of power price, labor cost, overtime, production forecast (based on wind speed), turbine status, task priorities, and crew availabilities. 


Our ServiceMax software helps you translate your plan of the day into an enhanced experience for your field technicians.

By giving them the tools to deliver flawless service, GE’s ServiceMax solution helps our customers and partners drive greater uptime, productivity, and safety at your wind farms in a mobile-first experience.


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Case studies heading


Large EU Utility

This customer needed to reduce the number of major interventions to save cost by taking advantage of existing wind energy data sources and analyzing for insights on major components (main bearings, gear boxes, generators, control-related issues).


  • Initiated Predix APM software utilization and big data analytics
  • Implemented across fleets with 5+ OEM assets
  • Implemented APM technology to translate existing turbine data into insights to reduce high-cost, unplanned events

Outcomes and Value

~$2,500/MW/year in total value* generated in preventing major interventions for gearbox, blade set, main bearing, and generators with measurable ROI

*Value Drivers: Part, labor, and crane cost reduction; part life extension; and lost production avoidance



We were unable to detect planetary gear issues, resulting in unplanned downtime and catastrophic gearbox damage. Planetary gear issues are difficult to detect due to the low speed, relatively quick propagation of damage and lack of correlation to simple vibration measurements.


Condition monitoring system + industry expertise + data science = first-of-its-kind Gear Failure Energy Detection* analytic, which, when coupled with APM and FSM apps, enables advanced outcomes like:

  • Automated detection of early gear damage
  • Inspection and scheduling of repairs or replacements while preserving gearbox core, reducing downtime, and avoiding ecological impacts of an oil spill.

Outcomes and Value

$80K in Total Cost Avoidance Per Event and Early detection + escalation to Services resulted in:

  • Preserved gearbox core for manufacturer credit
  • 23-day advanced warning for improved crane bidding and reduced downtime
  • Prevented a gearbox split and associated oil clean-up and environmental impact
  • Validation across 950 turbines with 125 confirmed gear defects yielded 100% detection and only 0.5% false alarms, enabling confident detection while reducing unnecessary tower climbs and inspections.




Invenergy had increased concerns about risk of online threats to the power network.


  • Signed one of largest cybersecurity agreements in the history of Industrial Internet
  • Upgraded Invenergy’s legacy controls
  • Protected and upgraded network security with OpShield, a cutting-edge purpose-built security solution for industrial and process control environments
  • Wind software maintenance, updates, and patches for the duration of the ten-year term.

Outcomes and Value

Collaboration with GE and Invenergy to develop long-term, enterprise-wide cyber security partnership that meets Invenergy’s operational needs.

  • Development of long-term, enterprise-wise cybersecurity collaboration
  • NERC/CIP Compliance
  • Avoided penalties
  • Avoided downtime due to cyberattack
  • Protection of valuable information and IP from malicious access and disclosures



Daily planning for maintenance is a complex and manual process but GE saw an opportunity to leverage digital to enhance critical task flow and processes to improve productivity through direct cost reduction.


An implementation of the Digital Plan of the Day application enabled a service team at 100+ turbine site to improve daily planning time by 30 minutes and reduce time to first turbine, repeat climbs, morning downtime, overtime and AEP losses.

Outcomes and Value

  • $96,000/year ($825/turbine/year) in cumulative value
  • 62% saving in overtime hours
  • 26% lower repeat tower climbs
  • 13% lower morning downtimes

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Why GE?

FORECASTING THE FUTURE - The Wind Energy Forecasting application is an integrated software and analytics solution that forecasts farm power outputs in both real time and up to seven days ahead.

The app allows wind farm operators to better capture margin price spread and reduce forecast-to-actual deviation penalties, while also allowing for enhanced O&M planning.

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GET MORE FROM YOUR EXISTING WIND FLEET - The PowerUp Platform helps developers get more from their existing wind fleet. PowerUp uses the power of the Industrial Internet to analyze data and enhance the performance of a wind farm.

E.ON Climate and Renewables (EC&R) North America collaborated with GE to PowerUp their fleet. Check out their results.

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