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Increase Hydroelectric Energy Efficiency with the Digital Hydropower Plant

When you take hydropower software and equipment and add advanced data analytics, you’re bound to improve the efficiency of your hydro plant.

But where to start? How can you create actionable insights from your data and increase profits?

That’s where the Digital Hydropower Plant comes into action.  



GE‘s Digital Hydropower Plant is an end-to-end solution that employs data, analytics and hydropower plant software applications in partnership with our hardware solutions to enhance efficiency, cybersecurity, reliability, as well as profitability of a hydroelectric energy plant over its lifetime. 

By seamlessly integrating software intelligence into hardware assets and hydropower plant control systems, digitization creates new robust economic outcomes and growth opportunities.

The Digital Hydropower Plant takes everything needed to build, operate and maintain your hydroelectric plant at less cost. It’s done through a suite of products that reduce hydropower energy costs and increase energy production, creating a more efficient hydro turbine.


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Our digital hydropower innovations include 

  •  Asset management performance

  •  Cybersecurity

  •  Plant and fleet enhancements

  •  Outage management

  •  Condition monitoring equipment  

All with the goal of helping you build, operate and maintain your hydroelectric plant at less cost. By controlling expenses and energy production, creating a more efficient hydro turbine and building upon automation and data-driven maintenance, we are poised to take hydropower services to unprecedented levels.

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story pont baldy

EDSB (Energie Développement Services du Briançonnais)

Hydro utility companies are changing the way they operate their plants, switching from baseload to more flexible energy production. Intelligent condition monitoring and diagnostics become crucial. To adapt to this change, EDSB was looking to expand the time between plant overhauls (TBO) and shortening the mean time for repair (TTM).


Pont Baldy—a hydropower plant operated by EDSB in France—was connected to a new generation Condition Monitoring System (CMS) called iCMS. It remotely collects real-time data that GE analyzes to improve diagnostics and prognostics on faults in the plant that the monitoring system has identified.

Outcomes and Value

The iCMS revealed that Pont Baldy had a bearing that was running hot. The system further diagnosed the cause and analyzed that no action was needed, saving the time and expense of unnecessary repair. Overall, the iCMS can bring up to 1% extra availability for the power plant.

story alqueva

EDP (Energias De Portugal)

EDP needed to extend the operating range of its plant equipment, while still being able to improve planning of repairs. Additionally, the company needed a way to observe the turbines in action, without disrupting production, to measure stress damage or to test their turbines in extreme conditions.


Enter Big Data: GE Renewable Energy and EDP called on the power of data and hydropower modeling software to create a computer generated, digital facsimile of the runner blades at Alqueva II hydroelectric power plant.