Hydroelectric Power Goes Digital

Innovations in hydropower efficiency are surging into the digital space. To meet rising energy demands, other renewable sources are adding to the capacity historically generated by hydropower plants, which requires increased flexibility and accurate data about the performance of hydropower turbines,  plants and equipment.  That’s why GE - the leading digital industrial company - is introducing the Digital Hydro Plant. A unique blend of hydropower software and hardware, based on data analytics, to improve the performance of your hydro plant, create actionable insights from your data, and increase profits.   

Our digital innovations, including asset performance management, cybersecurity, plant and fleet optimization, outage management, condition monitoring equipment and energy forecasting, will help you to build, operate and maintain your hydroelectric plant at less cost. By controlling expenses and energy production, creating a more efficient hydro turbine and leveraging automation and data-driven maintenance we are poised to take hydropower services to unprecedented levels.

For more information on digital hydropower efficiency, contact GE Renewable Energy today.

The force of the water, the power of Digital

GE's intelligent Condition Monitoring System (iCMS) for hydropower plants is a Digital Hydro solution that uses machine learning to turn the monitoring and maintenance process into valuable, actionable insights by collecting data. iCMS, part of GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, has the capability to generate up to one percent extra output.

For more information on digital hydropower efficiency, contact GE Renewable Energy today.

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The Digital Hydro Plant in Action



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