The Future of Renewable Energy is Digital

Our customers’ operational strategy is what drives our digital products and lifecycle solutions. We focused on what matters most to you—outcomes that increase revenue, reduce costs, and lower risk. GE does this by applying data-driven insights, expert recommendations, and advanced field services through a single digital asset management platform.

GE combines physical product expertise with an end-to-end renewable energy analytics-based platform. Our renewable energy software and data analytics out-perform the competition because of our deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience. Our models are built on decades of experience operating renewable energy assets around the world, proprietary data, and the internal use and refinement by our services teams.

The Industrial Internet is helping companies reach new levels of productivity and gain a competitive edge. For renewable energy, this means digitizing asset management and connecting data for improved reliability, enhancing operations to increase profitability, and innovating new business models to improve performance and scale for growth. But where to start?

GE’s Digital Wind Farm and  Digital Hydropower Plant offerings help to deliver a full view of your enterprise with data consolidation and translation. This digital control allows you to take action by turning data from your renewable energy technology into insights through advanced analytics and recommendations—enabling smarter operational teams that keep your fleet running its best. 


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We help our customers accelerate their renewable energy digital transformation to fuel productivity and growth, and we’re doing it around the world today

wind turbines enhanced

150+ advanced data analytics running on the fleet to drive better outcomes

More than 32 GW of hydro power and 30 GW of wind running on Predix

80+ sites
using Digital Plan of the Day

30 countries covered by our Remote Operating Centers running on our SCADA platform

Digital renewable energy software operating on 20+ turbine types, including 7 OEMs

20% increase
in reset velocity

Up to 10% decrease in costs through Field Service Management (FSM)

Asset Performance Management (APM) helps increase availability up to 1%

Digital Wind Farm

Our digital products and software for wind power enhance performance through data analysis, simulation, and forecasting. Visit GE to learn more about digital wind applications.

Digital Wind Farm  

Digital Solar Plant

Improve solar plant performance & reliability by monitoring PV and reducing operating costs and risk, through advanced solar energy software. Learn more about solar plant APM today.

Digital Solar Plant  

Digital Hydro Plant

Increase plant efficiency with leading hydropower software and condition monitoring. Discover hydro power plant enhancements with Digital Hydro from GE Renewable Energy.

Digital Hydro Plant  

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