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Walk the Talk: GE Renewable Energy’s operations carbon neutral by the end of 2020


There is something unique about what we do at GE Renewable Energy. Our mission is to unleash limitless energy for the world, accelerating the global transition to renewable sources of clean power.

Our customers and communities rely on us to ensure that no one ever has to choose between affordable, reliable, or sustainable energy. Yet we are not truly fulfilling our mission if our own activities in producing and installing renewable sources of power add CO2.



We announced our pledge to make all our GE Renewable Energy operations – across wind, hydro, energy storage and grid – carbon neutral by the end of 2020.

As part of today’s pledge, we will make changes in the ways we produce, transport, and power. We will achieve this ambitious goal by reducing emissions through operational efficiencies, securing renewable electricity supply to all GE Renewable Energy sites, and by balancing the remaining emissions with carbon offsets to achieve a net-zero footprint.

We announced our pledge to make all our GE Renewable Energy operations carbon neutral by the end of 2020

We will make changes in the ways we produce, transport, and power


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Make no mistake, this is an ambitious target. That said, we are enriched by the experience of our LM Wind Power business that achieved carbon neutrality in 2018. We are also collaborating with many stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers and colleagues, to deliver this ambitious target in a very short time.

A leading sustainability organization Natural Capital Partners, is working with us to guide, measure and validate results throughout our journey—ensuring we take the right steps to reach carbon neutrality by the end of 2020. At the appropriate time, Natural Capital Partners will also be able to develop a portfolio of carbon offsets and energy attribute certificates that suit our specific needs.

In doing this, GE Renewable Energy is joining a growing list of companies who have proven that Carbon neutrality also makes business sense. Energy efficiency, waste reduction, and renewable power sources ultimately combine to lower operating costs. We will be successful not in spite of doing this, but because of doing this.

Together with our customers, suppliers and our colleagues worldwide, we aim to show that not only can we achieve these goals, but we will do it in a way that contributes to the growth of our business. In pledging to make our GE Renewable Energy carbon neutral by the end of 2020, we will walk the talk.

by Danielle Merfeld, CTO GE Renewable Energy

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