The STF-A650 (MT) and STF-A850 steam turbines have proven their value in Concentrated Solar Power applications as well as in advanced combined cycles and demanding industrial power applications for decades. They combine GE’s unique “shrink ring” design HP modules with the flexibility of a fully modular turbine architecture.


The STF-A650 and STF-D650 offer outstanding competitive performance for high parameter renewable steam power and combined cycle applications, using GE’s latest generation of 3D reaction blading, advanced rear stages, and high-performance gland and inter-stage sealing technology.


The fully modular architecture allows configuring the turbines for even the most demanding applications. Options include multiple controlled extractions, and condensing, district heating or back pressure type exhausts. Modules from other product families may be used as required.


STF-A650 and STF-A850 are available as factory assembled and pre-tested modules. Their design for low- level installation and simple foundation interfaces reduce installation time and total installed cost.

STF-A650 and STF-A850 reheat platform

A versatile platform optimized for high parameter concentrated solar power (CSP) applications as well as for advanced combined cycle steam tails and high efficiency industrial co-generation application in either 50 or 60 Hz grids.

  • Robust and versatile turbines with a successful track record spanning more than 30 years.
  • Outstanding configuration flexibility including internally or externally controlled steam extractions and axial, lateral, or backpressure exhausts.
  • Designed for more than 10,000 starts and rapid transients make the STF-A650 and STF-A850 a great choice for concentrated solar power and CCPP applications with a daily start/stop regime.
  • Lower transport cost and up to three months reduction of installation time thanks to optional fully factory assembled configuration.
  • Increased turbine efficiency, cycling capacity, and back pressure capability with GE’s unique “Shrink ring” HP module design and GE’s latest “nub and sleeve/free tip” rear stages with low stress root design.
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STF-A650 (MT) STF-A850
Main Steam 190bar (2750psig) 585°C (1085F) 245bar (3550psig) 585°C (1085F)
Frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz 50 Hz and 60 Hz
Output ≤ 300 MW ≤ 300 MW
Efficiency ≤ 48% ≤ 49%
Maximum Backpressure ≤ 700 mbar (20.7 in. Hg) ≤ 700 mbar (20.7 in. Hg)
Control Concept Sliding pressure mode
Fixed pressure mode
Hybrid mode
Sliding pressure mode
Fixed pressure mode
Hybrid mode