GE’s STF-G220 (GST) geothermal steam turbines offer simple and robust technology for geothermal projects and industrial low pressure expander applications. The STF-G220 custom impulse steam path with modern blade profiles lowers heat rates, reduces risk of corrosion, and ensures high scaling tolerance.

Created with Integration in Mind

The STF-G220 horizontal inlet, hot end drive and axial exhaust supports a low-level installation. A lightweight transport frame simplifies transport and installation, while the panting plate support lowers foundation interface requirements

Geothermal Turbine Configuration Flexibility

Our geothermal steam turbine can be fitted with 5-7 stages to accommodate a wide range of geothermal resource properties. It was engineered for re-staging at a later point in time to compensate for resource deterioration over time.

Durable and Robust to Reduce Corrosion Risk

Surface hardening and coating of critical areas of the STF-G220 mitigates stress corrosion risk and enables longer part life even under the harshest conditions.


Key Product Features/Benefits

  • Erosion and corrosion resistant materials on the STF-G220 geothermal turbine are specifically selected for their wet steam and aggressive media
  • Highly efficient steam path with modern 3D impulse blading and advanced rear stage profiles
  • Reduced wear and scaling buildup is in the STF-G220 double spool type governor valve is achieved by employing self-cleaning, non-contact seats made from Stellite
  • Compact transport module with light but stable transport frame for simple alignment on the foundation of the turbine
  • Cost effective, low-level installation is a result of axial exhaust and auxiliaries piping runs above concrete level along with STF-G220’s simplified foundation design
  • Maintenance friendly architecture—the STF-G220 geothermal steam turbine has all pipe connections flanged and in the lower casing, which facilitates on-site alignment

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  STF-G220 (GST)
Main Steam 16bar (230psig) 360°C (680F)
Frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz
Output ≤ 50 MW
Efficiency ≤ 30%
Maximum Backpressure ≤ 300 mbar (8.9 in. Hg)
Control Concept Sliding pressure mode
Fixed pressure mode
Hybrid mode