The axial exhaust STF-A100 (legacy GRT/HRT) steam turbines for renewable steam plants and industrial applications take the well-known benefits of high-speed turbines such as low cost, compact size, and operational flexibility to output levels beyond 125MW.

Low Installation Costs and Quick Startup

Intended for floor level installation or on a simple block foundation, the STF-A100 steam turbine lowers construction time and building cost. Installation time and cost are further reduced by shipping the complete STG set in four pre-assembled, pre-tested modules.

Standard STF-A100 Steam Turbines with application flexibility

An intelligently designed array of highly standardized modules with a fully customized steam path allow configuring the STF-A100 steam turbine as a cost effective, high performance CCPP or biomass unit, a double extraction industrial workhorse, or anything in between.

High Speed STF-A100 Steam Turbines in a synchronous World

Building on GE’s unique experience with geared gas turbines of up to 135MW output, the STF-A100 steam turbine offers all benefits of compact, cost effective high speed steam turbines in the >100 MW class previously reserved to heavy synchronous designs.


Key Product Features/Benefits

  • A great choice for large industrial steam turbine applications with more than 5m3/s (176.6 ft3/s) steam inlet capacity, up to 4.4m2 (47.4ft2) exhaust area, and a mechanical design limit of more than 125MW
  • Reduced product lead time through use of more than 70% of standardized, fixed geometry parts and components of the STF-A100 industrial steam turbine also drives high quality and reliability
  • Best steam turbine performance for both boiler plant and CCPP applications through dedicated inlet configurations for nozzle control (GRT) or sliding pressure operation (HRT)
  • Performance benefits of the STF-A100 steam turbine are realized by leveraging long proven, advanced 3D/controlled diffusion HP/IP blading from GE’s large industrial steam turbine portfolio
  • The STF-A100 steam turbine’s high efficiency and back pressure capability with GE’s latest nub and sleeve/free standing rear stage design as well as superior cycling capacity, and exhaust wetness tolerance
  • Significant savings of civil cost and construction time (via floor level installation) is achieved by packaging and shipping these units in four (4) fully assembled and pre-tested modules of the STF-A100 steam turbine

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  STF-A100 (GRT) STF-A100 (HRT)
Main Steam 125bar (1810psig) 565°C (1004F) 140bar (2030psig) 565°C (1050F)
Frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz 50 Hz and 60 Hz
Output ≤ 135 MW ≤ 135 MW
Efficiency ≤ 42% ≤ 42%
Maximum Backpressure ≤ 500 mbar (14.8 in. Hg) ≤ 500 mbar (14.8 in. Hg)
Control Concept Sliding pressure mode
Fixed pressure mode
Hybrid mode
Sliding pressure mode
Fixed pressure mode
Hybrid mode