Operational flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and increased reliability

With more than 6,000 large pumps installed worldwide, GE has experience in designing, installing, and maintaining large and specialized pumps for nuclear turbine islands (circulating cooling water pumps, condensate extraction pumps, and main and booster feedwater pumps). Through 100 years of innovation and expertise across all types of fuel, GE has developed class-leading designs that have been proven to be reliable, simple, and robust.

Cooling Water Pump

Thanks to their highly reliable and efficient designs, only two of our concrete volute pumps are necessary to effectively run your power plant without any standby units.

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Feedwater Pump

Our feedwater pump package is a piece of cutting-edge engineering that will enable our customers to operate their nuclear plants at a better steady state and with dynamic performance under all operating conditions.

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Condensate Extraction Pump

Severe operating conditions demand a robust and reliable solution – that’s where GE's condensate extraction pumps come in.

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Vertical Turbine Pump

GE’s proven vertical turbine pumps are highly efficient for condenser cooling and provide excellent reliability.

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