Nuclear turbine island lifecycle

Producing power that meets tomorrow’s greenhouse gas emissions standards is a top priority for countries around the world. Today, nuclear energy is the only large-scale and dependable source of electricity that’s also CO2-free, fully contributing to the fight against climate change. Additionally, nuclear turbine islands offer a dependable and around-the-clock energy supply without interruption across long periods of time. This is why more and more governments are looking into adding nuclear to their energy mix and countries already benefiting from nuclear power are looking into expanding the life of those power plants – to 60 years and more.

But whether customers are looking at new build and maintenance, they need a trusted partner. That’s why when it comes to our customers’ most pressing questions around their nuclear turbine islands, our answer is YES.

Can GE be my lifecycle partner for my nuclear turbine island?

YES. GE Steam Power has been a long-standing partner to the nuclear industry for decades. We have provided steam technology and services to our nuclear customers since the industry’s early days in the mid-1950s.

Now, our steam turbine and generator technology operates in 50% of the world’s nuclear power plants, producing 200 GW for the global grid.

We regularly service around 200 units with both GE and other original equipment manufacturer (oOEM) technology across the globe and have more than 130 multi-year agreements (MYAs) with operators worldwide.


Leading steam technology for new nuclear turbine islands

We can provide turbine island lifecycle support solutions for all nuclear reactor types, that improve power output, reduce environmental footprint, and lower operational cost. Our cost-competitive integrated turbine island solutions bring together project management and technology expertise. Whether you require a turnkey turbine island for your nuclear power plant or a single component, GE’s steam technology can provide a fully customized combination of engineering and equipment

Our Arabelle steam turbine is a flagship GE technology recognized across the world as one of the most reliable and powerful steam turbine for nuclear power plants. We recently broke the world record with the commercial operation of Taishan, China, EPR-based nuclear power plant with two Arabelle turbines, each providing 1,750 MW of steam power.

We are currently installing more than 26 GW of additional capacity in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

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Lifecycle support expertise to maintain your nuclear turbine island

More and more nuclear power plants are extending the service life of their turbine island assets from 25 years to 60. In addition, many nuclear power plants had at least one reactor flow increase over their life. At GE, we know how crucial a proactive steam turbine, generator and other equipment life management strategy is to enhance the generation of your nuclear power plant.

We service OEM and oOEM nuclear turbine islands to increase the reliability and availability of your nuclear power plants. From simple parts and repairs to major overhaul and upgrades, we cooperate with our customers to reach their goals.

We can provide continuous service for over 200 units equipped with both GE and oOEM components and execute regular maintenance and steam turbine lifecycle support through more than 130 multi-year agreements.

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