Whether a customer requires a turnkey turbine island for a nuclear power plant or a single component, GE can provide a fully customized combination of engineering and equipment.

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Our turbine islands for nuclear power plant solutions can fit all reactor types and respond to any grid requirements.

A Leader in Turbine Island for Nuclear Power Plant Integration

Since the birth of nuclear power generation more than 60 years ago, GE has supported nuclear power plant operators. Today our steam turbine technology operates in 50% of the world’s nuclear plants with a global capacity of more than 200 GW.

Standing by our customers

From initial design to life cycle services, GE manages the nuclear power conversion value chain to bring advantages to our customers.

A flexible offering to fit all customer needs

GE’s power generation offerings—steam turbines in nuclear power plants, generators, heat exchangers, pumps, and controls—are at the heart of each system:

Our turbine generator package includes:

  • the steam turbine,
  • the generator (and sets of auxiliary equipment for both),
  • the moisture separator reheater, 
  • the condenser, and 
  • the shaft line control system.
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    The feedwater plant package reheats the condensate before it enters the nuclear steam supply system. It includes condensate pumps, heaters, feedwater tank, and feedwater pumps. The heat rejection package rejects heat to the environment, either once-through or with cooling towers. It includes main cooling water pumps.