For 50 years, more than 700 of our condensers have been engineered, commissioned, and delivered. And over the past 35 years, we have retrofitted more than 70 condenser tube bundles and set a record of 19 days for a 900-MW NPP retrofit thanks to our service expertise.

Higher performance and reliability

Features a patented tube bundle design (the Daisy bundle) and a track record of outstanding performance over the past 50 years.

Greater efficiency

Includes highly efficient tube bundles that are scaled to meet the needs of any size power plant.

Robust design for flexible operation

Designed to handle turbine and steam generator overloads and variations in cooling water temperature. It is resistant to both impingement erosion and tube vibration.

Meeting each site requirements

GE condensers are designed for each specific installation, meeting sustained high-performance requirements, enhancing reliability, adapting to varied site cooling conditions, and providing simplified construction with pre-assembled modules.

Condensers are delivered as fully tubed modules, so that little welding is required on site. The condenser houses the first two stages of low pressure heaters for simplified arrangement of the turbine building.

Product Specifications

Typical Reference Solutions for: 1000 MW 1200 MW 1700 MW
Condenser Vacuum Type Single Dual Single
Condenser Thermal Load (MW) 1,820 2,030 2,750
Absolute Pressure at Turbine/Condenser Connection (mbar abs) 55 52/70 35
Max Condensate O2 Content at 100 % Load (ppm) 20 20 10
Circulating Water
Circulating Water Temperature Design (°C) 25 22 13
Circulating Water Nature Seawater, Once-through Fresh Water, Cooling Towers Seawater, Once-through
Circulating Water Flow (m3/s) 63 40 60
Circulating Water Temperature Rise (°C) 7 6/6 11
Exchange Surface (m2) 76,000 70,000 115,000
Material Titanium Stainless Steel Titanium
Length (m) 16.5 15 15.5
Tube to Tubesheet Joint Expanded/Welded Expanded/Welded Expanded/Welded
Operation (tons) 2,200 3,450 5,800
Water Filling (tons) 3,600 4,600 9,700
Hotwell Bottom to Turbine (m) 13 16.5 14