Advanced Amine Process (AAP)

Amine-based carbon capture processes have been proven for decades in natural gas and syngas purification. Our Advanced Amine Process (AAP) applied to flue gases was developed jointly with Dow Chemical Company.

Designed for stringent emissions mitigation and control

More energy efficient capture and compression of the CO2 product

Lower operating costs

Less solvent degradation than Monoethanolamine (MEA), leading to lower chemical consumption and lower production of effluents and waste

Higher tolerance

Against oxygen and trace contaminants


The flue gas is bound with the chemical solvent – Advanced Amine – which binds selectively to the flue gas CO2. Raising the temperature reverses the capture reaction, releasing CO2 and allowing the solvent to be recycled. 

The technology has been demonstrated successfully in the field at 90% capture rates. Based on the low physical solubility of N2 and O2 in aqueous amines, CO2 product purity is greater than 99.5% after CO2 compression and dehydration. The highly selective reaction with CO2 is an important advantage of any alkaline scrubbing process and distinguishes this process from the results obtained from physical solvents, membranes, or adsorbents.

Product Specifications


Parameters Target (estimated future commercial) Status (today’s offering)
Flue Gas Inlet Conditions
Temperature (°C) 30 – 100 30 – 100
Pressure (bara) 1 1
Flow Rate (t/h) Up to 4,000 Up to 1,150
C02 Vol (% dry basis) 3 – 15 4 – 15
H2O Vol (%) 5 – 30 5 – 30
N2 Vol (% dry basis) 70 – 90 70 – 90
O2 Vol (% dry basis) 3 – 10 3 – 10
C02 Capture Rate (%) Up to 90 Up to 90
CO2 Product Specification and Conditions
Temperature (°C) As Required As Required
Pressure (bara) As Required As Required
Flow Rate (t/h) Up to 800 12.5 – 230
C02 (mol-%) > 99.5 – 99.9 > 99.5 – 99.9
H2O (mol-ppm) As Required As Required