Oxy-fuel combustion consists of burning fossil fuels in a mixture of pure oxygen and re-circulated flue gas, resulting in CO2-rich flue gas (free of nitrogen, contrary to conventional air-fired power plants). The pure oxygen is supplied by a cryogenic air separation unit (ASU).

Reliable and robust process

Our systems have been proven and developed from existing technologies.


Adaptable to most boiler and fuel types with the potential for rapid scale up, even up to the 1,000 MWe range, and to existing power plants.

Operational flexibility options


The oxy-combustion boiler is a carbon capture technology that has been under development for more than a decade, starting with research and the subsequent establishment of a laboratory pilot in the 1990s. GE has been at the forefront of oxy-fuel combustion development, and we:

  • developed the first oxy pilot plant at a site in Germany
  • demonstrated the entire oxy-technology chain including a gas processing unit in our boiler simulation facility located in Windsor, Connecticut, USA. 

GE is also developing the gas processing unit (GPU), which is designed to further treat and process the flue gas downstream of the oxy-boiler, delivering CO2 at the required specification. 

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Product Specifications

Oxy-fuel combustion

  Target (estimated future commercial) Status (today’s offering)
Boiler Type Two-pass, tower Two-pass
  • Bituminous, sub-bituminous
  • Lignite
  • Oil, gas
  • Biomass (part load)
  • Bituminous, sub-bituminous
  • Biomass (part load)

Up to 1,350 MWe

Up to 448 MWe

Steam Condition

  • Ultra-supercritical
  • Up to 605°C/623°C/300 bar
  • Ultra-supercritical
  • Up to 605°C/623°C/279 bar

Gas Processing Unit

Parameters Target (estimated future commercial) Status (today’s offering)
Temperature (°C) 20-100 20-100
Pressure (bars) 1 1
Flow Rate (t/h) 1,400 Up to 875
C02 Vol (% dry basis) 70 – 95 70 – 95
H2O Vol (%) 2 – 25 2 – 25
N2 Vol (% dry basis) 2 – 5 2 – 5
O2 Vol (% dry basis) 20 – 50 20 – 50
C02 Capture Rate(%) 90 90
C02 Product Specification and Conditions
Temperature (°C) As Required As Required
Pressure (bars) As Required As Required
Flow Rate (t/h) Up to 600 Up to 276
C02 (mol-%) > 95 – >99 Depending on Need > 95 – >99 Depending on Need
H2O (mol-ppm) As Required As Required

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