Can GE offer a CO2 capture solution for my plant?

Yes. With an intensive research and development program, we have designed and constructed 13 CO2 capture solutions (CCS) demonstration projects around the world, and these technologies are ready for large-scale implementation. This is the Power of Yes.

Building a low carbon future

Given the variety of plant types and fuel combinations in operation today, GE’s portfolio of technologies provides our customers with solutions that take into account many variables, including installation costs, overall plant efficiencies, and operation and maintenance costs. Our CCS technologies offer both postcombustion and oxy-combustion solutions for applications covering new build plants and the existing installed base. Additionally, our post combustion technologies can be scaled down for industrial flue gas from sources such as steel mills, cement factories, refineries and chemical plants. We are also developing secondgeneration technologies such as regenerative calcium cycle (RCC) and chemical looping combustion (CLC).

What we offer

Our CCS services range from concept engineering and feasibility studies to plant commissioning. Our full scope of solutions includes design, equipment supply, installation, power block system integration, CO2 capture and processing equipment, and the full power plant. We make sure our customers have everything they need, including cost control, quality control, health and safety and O&M training.

Post-combustion (New + retrofit)
  • Flue gas is conditioned
  • CO2 is chemically absorbed to a solvent (advanced amines or chilled ammonia)
  • CO2 is released by raising the temperatures and allowing the solvent to be recycled
  • CO2 product is dried and compressed and sent for storage or utilization
Oxy-combustion (New + retrofit)
  • Fuel is burned in a mixture of oxygen and re-circulated flue gas. Due to the absence of nitrogen, the resulting flue gas is rich in CO2
  • After water condensing and further purification, CO2 is compressed and sent for storage or utilization