Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (WFGD)

Wet flue gas desulfurization has been the most common technology for SOx control for more than four decades.

Covering wide range of fuels and applications

Coal, petcoke, oil, biomass, industries

Proven experience

With more than 100 GW in operation worldwide

High SO2 removal rate

More than 99% achieved using the WFGD OST

GE’s Steam Power Systems wet flue gas desulfurization(WFGD) portfolio consists of the following options:  WFGD-Open Spray Tower (OST) The WFGD-OST third generation offers lower power consumption and has smaller dimensions compared to previous versions, while reaching nearly zero emissions. The gypsum by-product recovered is usable as wallboard and is of cement quality. Flowpac WFGD The Flowpac WFGD contains a turbulent bed absorber, in which a flue gas passes through limestone slurry. It is targeted for applications requiring increased SO2 removal efficiency and enhanced SO3 removal efficiency. For power generation, it is designed for unit sizes up to 360 MW with varying fuel conditions, such as sulfur content, which can rise to high levels. 

  • 15 industrial applications and 58 GW installed in power generation. 
  • Flexible absorber performance with excellent controllability of the SO2 removal rate. 
  • Improved performance control through patented sulfite analyzer. 
  • Fuel flexibility for all types of fuel (including heavy fuel oil) with sulfur content up to 4.5% for WFGD-OST. and up to 6% for Flowpac WFGD. 
  • Lower power consumption with lower emissions of particulates and aerosols.   

Sea Water FGD (SWFGD) Technology

The Steam Power Systems SWFGD is a unique no-by-product SO2 removal solution. Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in SWFGD for power generation and industry applications, GE is one of the world’s leading providers with the biggest SWFGD installed fleet.  We use packing to enhance performance and absorber sizing. 

  • An economical desulfurization solution for plants in coastal areas 
  • Around 30 industrial applications, with 51 GW in operation or under construction for power generation worldwide

Product Specifications

Parameter  Number
Maximum Gas Flow Rate – per Absorber (Nm3/h) 3,400,000
Power Plant Size (MW) up to 1,000
Fuel Coal, lignite, oil, HFO, industrial processes
Maximum SO2 Content at Inlet (mg/Nm3) 15,000
SO2 Removal Rate – with GGH (%) 98
Load Range (% MCR) 20 - 100
Seawater Temperature Inlet to Absorber (°C) 4 - 45
Alkalinity – Minimum (mmol/l) 1.2
pH Seawater Inlet (minimum) 7.7
Parameter  Number
Maximum Gas Flow Rate – per Absorber (Nm3/h) 3,200,000
Power Plant Size (MW) up to 1,300
Fuel Coal, lignite, oil, HFO, industrial processes
Maximum SO2 Content at Inlet (mg/Nm3) 17,000
SO2 Removal Rate (%) > 99 achieved
Load Range (% MCR) 20 - 100
HCl Removal Rate (%) > 99
HF Removal Rate (%) > 99
Reagent Limestone, lime or sodium