Smartline Solutions

GE has developed the Smartline range of products to cater to smaller-sized applications, such as district heating, small power units, thermic fluid heaters, lime kilns, foundries, and metallurgical plants.

Standard and modular designs, which can be pre-assembled

Easily transportable

Lower cost and simple installation

FABPAC Fabric Filters for Particulate Control

Lower your operational costs and footprint and reduce site installation time with our standardized and modular fabric filters. Our patented Optipow* cleaning valves together with EFFIC controllers provide longer bag life and lower compressed air consumption. FABPAC filters are available in four standardized sizes with various bag lengths and materials.

ELPAC ESPs for Particulate Control

The ELPAC ESP adapts the benefits developed on large units to a smaller scale. Key features include: covered service room on top, flat bottom with scraper conveyor, scraper conveyor, Switch Integrated Rectifiers (SIR), efficient construction for easy access, and large gas flow range with one module (7,000-170,000 m3/hr).

Micro-NID*Technology for Dry Desulfurization and Multi-Pollutant Control

Due to its simple design, our advanced dry desulfurization technology also is available for small-scale applications. With more stringent regulations being progressively extended to smaller units, this type of application is expected to be widely deployed in the coming years.


Product Specifications

Gas Temperatures (°C)

25 - 200

Gas Flow Rate (m3/h)  Up to 250,000
Dust Loading at FF inlet (g/Nm3) 2 – 100
Emission at FF outlet (mg/Nm3) 5 - 50, filterable PM only
Availability (%) Up to 99%
Gas Temperatures (°C) 70 - 250
Gas Flow Rate (m3/h) Up to 170,000
Dust Loading at FF inlet (g/Nm3) 1 – 50
Emission at FF outlet (mg/Nm3) Up to 20, filterable PM only
Availability (%) Up to 98%
Maximum gas temperature at inlet (°C) 200
Outlet Emission Limit, HCl (mg/Nm3) 2
Outlet Emission Limit, HF (mg/Nm3) 0.3
Outlet Emission Limit, SO2 (mg/Nm3) 5
Outlet Emission Limit, Particulate (mg/Nm3) 5
Outlet Emission Limit, Hg (mg/Nm3) 0.03
Outlet Emission Limit, Dioxin (ng/Nm3) 0.05
Maximum Gas Flow rate (Nm3/h) 10 0001