Dry and Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs)

GE offers a wide range of robust, cost-effective, and reliable electrostatic precipitator designs for a variety of applications. Discover the advantages of our electrostatic precipitators.

Proven particulate matter removal

Less than 10 mg/Nm3 emissions.

Designed for Performance

Excellent and efficient electrostatic precipitator with lower cost modular systems.

For Wet Electrostatic Precipitators

Ultra-low particulate emissions (less than 1mg/Nm3), acid mists, aerosols, and hazardous air pollutants (HAP).

Backed by more than 237 GW installed in power generation and more than 70 years of experience on an extended range of fuel combinations and industrial applications, our electrostatic precipitator solutions cater to increasingly strict regulations at a lower life cycle cost.   

We offer spiral and rigid designs of emitting electrodes, tumbling hammer, and electric impact rapping systems. Our ESP pollution control devices feature a flexible layout and modular designs. GE also offers integrated ESP control systems, including the latest generation EPIC intelligent controller and the ProMo tool for enhanced ESP performance.

As an alternative to Transformer/Rectifier (T/R) sets, GE also provides Switch Integrated Rectifiers (SIR) for increased power input, lower power consumption, and improved particulate removal efficiency. Our SIRs work well for performance enhancement of existing ESPs.

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Product Specifications

Dry Electrostatic Precipitator

Parameter Number
Applications Power-Boilers and Heaters, Industry1
Power Capacity (MW) 10 to 1300
Gas Temperatures (°C) 70 – 400
Gas Flow Rate (m3/s) 15 – 2000
Dust Loading at ESP inlet (g/Nm3) 0.2 – 100 g/Nm3; for SDA 600 g/Nm3; for NID 1800 g/Nm3
Emission at ESP outlet (mg/Nm3) 10 – 200 (exceptional 1000 for ESP as precollector), filterable PM only
PM Removal Efficiency Up to 99.95%
Availability Up to 98%

1 Industry- Cement: Kiln, Mills, Cooler; Iron & Steel: Sintering, Pelletization, Sponge Iron Kiln, Cast House, Stock House; Biomass fired boilers; Waste to Energy plants; Pulp & Paper: Recovery Boiler, Lime Kiln; Non-Ferrous- Smelter, Converter; Oil & Gas: FCCU et. al.

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Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

Parameter Number
Applications Power-Boilers, Heaters, Synthesis Gas and Industry2
Gas Temperatures (°C) Up to 70 C , Saturated Gas
Gas Flow Rate (m3/s) 15 – 2000
Dust Loading at ESP inlet (g/Nm3) Up to 1.2
PM Emission at ESP outlet (mg/Nm3) 0.5, filterable PM only
SO3 Emission (ppm) <1 ppm
PM & SO3 removal efficiency 99%
Availability Up to 98%

2 Industry - Iron & Steel- Blast Furnace, Iron & Steel- Scarfing, Iron & Steel- Converters, Aluminum- Anode Baking

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