Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

High NOx reduction rates and system reliability make our flexible and compact selective catalytic reduction technology the right choice for post-combustion NOx emissions control.

A wealth of experience

40 industrial references and more than 49 GW installed worldwide for power generation.

High reduction rate

Up to 95% NOx emissions removal, low ammonia slip (down to 2 ppm)—so you can meet NOx emissions standards and regulations.

Technology for performance

Proprietary IsoSwirl*mixing technology and specific ammonia injection grid design for improved performance.

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Selective Catalytic Reduction Product Specifications

Parameter Typical Information
Reactor Size

3,200,000 acfm, 5,400,000 m3/h

Fuel Type Gas, fuel oil, orimulsion, pet coke, biofuel (virgin wood or peat), coal
Reactor Position High dust SCR for power plants and CHP plants; tail end SCR for waste incinerators

Reactor Flow Direction

  • Coal applications: vertical down
  • Oil applications: vertical up or vertical down
  • Gas applications: vertical up or vertical down and horizontal
Cleaning Method Soot blower using steam or compressed air, sonic air horns, air sweepers
NOx Removal Efficiency Up to 95%
NH3 Slip 2 vppvd @ 3% O2
Operation Temperature

570-815°F, 300-435°C for coal/oil

450-850°F, 230-435°C for gas

NOx Inlet Concentration 2050 mg/Nm3
O2 1% minimum
SO2 3,500 ppm
SO2/ SO3 Conversion 0.5 - 2.0%
Ash Load 35,000 mg/Nm3
Reagent Type Anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia, urea

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