We make power possible for people around the world.

GE Steam Power puts a century of expertise to work every day, with local teams in more than 70 countries around the world. In growing economies like India, China, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, this means affordable power, local jobs, and better infrastructure.

Over the next 10 years, 25% of all future power capacity additions will be coal- or oil-fired steam power plants. And the installed capacity of nuclear power plants will increase by more than 140GW. As today’s #1 steam and coal power franchise, GE’s Steam Power has installed 30% of the world’s steam turbine capacity, 50% of the world’s steam turbines for nuclear power plants, 30% of the world’s boilers, and has provided 1,500 steam turbine module retrofits.

When it comes to our customers’ most pressing questions, our answer is YES.

It may be a small word, but it’s an incredibly meaningful one, ensuring that we help keep the power on for everyone, everywhere. Here at GE, we’re working every day to transform the future of steam power—and helping our customers to create extraordinary outcomes for tomorrow and beyond. That’s the Power of Yes.

Can GE build my high efficiency and low emissions coal power plant?

YES. As the world’s need for accessible power grows, coal power will continue to be a vital way to meet this demand. However, to limit emissions, it is essential that coal-fired power plants provide the highest efficiency and rely on leading air quality and pollution control technologies.


Can GE service my coal power plant?

YES. We perform each year more than a thousand outages and partner with our operators around the globe through more than 200 multi-year agreements. We have a hundred years of coal-fired power service expertise across 90+ OEM brands, and 24/7 on-call product support to help keep your power plant up and running.

Can GE provide technologies for my nuclear turbine island?

YES. With its flagship Arabelle technology, GE can provide everything from the smallest single component to a full turnkey turbine island for your nuclear power plant, no matter the reactor type.

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As the economics of coal power generation become tighter and regulations become even stricter, GE’s technology is ready to respond.
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Facing growing pressure to drive their plants’ performance to new levels —power operators deserve a trusted partner with the expertise, technology and resources to achieve their desired outcomes.
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Our turnkey turbine island offering includes the critical power generation equipment— from the turbine generator package, to the services, pumps and control systems.

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