The world for utilities and telecoms will constantly change and evolve towards centralized control and decentralized execution

As technology in the utility and telecoms industry has become more advanced, the need for mobility has increased. The industry is continually changing and utilities and telecoms face a challenging environment. Keeping pace with regulatory requirements, increasing capacity, and improving reliability—while still maintaining high levels of customer service—can be an overwhelming task.

The world for utilities and telecom providers will constantly change and evolve towards centralized control and decentralized execution, and there is a shift toward a more mobile workforce in utility and telcoms management.

To survive the inevitable disruption from these changes, utilities will have to transition to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and adopt new mobile solutions for:

  • Technician mobile workforce management
  • Remote and mobile plant operations
  • Field service control and inspection
  • Equipment damage assessment
  • Geospatial network optimization.
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In addition to mobile workforce trends last year, the International Energy Agency estimated that the U.S. would need to spend $2.1 trillion by 2035 on grid technologies and infrastructure to prepare for higher penetrations of renewables, and utilities are largely responding.


Gartner recommends Utility CIOs optimizing foundational technologies in utilities to "Determine digital field worker needs and contribute to field force business outcomes by partnering with field service leaders to articulate a modern, digital field force strategy.”*


In Gartner’s recent Market Guide for Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) for Utilities, Nicole Foust predicts that by 2020, 50% of utility mobile workforce management deployments will be cloud.*


*Source: Gartner, Inc. Market Guide for Mobile Workforce Management Systems for Utilities, Nicole Foust, 19th March 2018.


A Universal mobile GIS platform providing rapid application deployment, uniform data access & field automation.

Utilities and telecom providers continue to focus on field operations as a means to drive reliability, efficiency and improved customer satisfaction for their business. Managing the increasingly complex network of assets requires utilities to reduce cycle times and break down barriers between the office and the field. GE’s Mobile Enterprise Suite offers the latest advancements in mobile technology application for uniform data access and field automation across the enterprise.


Bringing service delivery to utility workforce management.

ServiceMax* from GE Digital is a market-leading Field Service Management (FSM) mobile application that improves all steps of the service delivery chain, from seamless work order management to smart scheduling to mobile execution. As the core of a Utility Mobile Workforce Management solution, ServiceMax ensures utility workers are digitally-enabled workers. Integrations with critical utility applications enhance execution of both short cycle operations-emergency work, meter services, compliance jobs, maintenance and inspection-and long cycle operations, such as outage management, that encompass multiple days, tasks, and people.


Allows utilities to re-configure operations around the mobilization of advanced distribution management functions to empowered digital mobile workers in the field.

Enables collaborative control between the control room and the field. Switching work can be dispatched electronically to mobile-enabled crews who can interact, add and confirm switching tasks and navigate dynamically updated network diagrams via secure communications to their connected smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Power plant operators gain access to APM’s real time insight and maintenance intelligence in the field.

Provides real-time equipment and fleet level insights to digital workers in the field, enabling centralized control and decentralized execution of tasks. Executives can make informed decisions by knowing the condition of their assets and the efficiency of resources in the field. Operators and technicians can diagnose equipment issues more effectively by seamlessly collaborating with reliability engineers in real time, execute maintenance procedures using augmented reality (AR) capabilities, and autonomously complete inspection rounds utilizing visual pattern recognition via infrared (IR) cameras.

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                            *Trademark of General Electric Company