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GE powers a growing world that counts on all of us to deliver every day. That’s why our Fleet360* portfolio of service solutions is built around your business model, whether you generate electricity for communities, power for industrial business, or both. 

* Trademark of General Electric Company

Plant-as-a-System Expertise

With a global network of dynamic knowledge-sharing across 150 countries, we offer the largest power plant services portfolio in the industry. Our cross-fleet approach allows us to support more than 90 OEM brands of gas and steam turbines, generators, boilers, and other balance-of-plant equipment.  Let’s work together to create solutions tailored to your preferred outcomes:


Gas Plants

Our cross-fleet capabilities support more than 90 OEM brands, allowing you to enhance the performance of your simple cycle or combined-cycle plant.

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Steam Plants

If you’re operating a large fossil steam plant, nuclear plant, industrial plant or mechanical drive plant, our Fleet360 portfolio can help you unleash better performance. 

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Fleet360* Solutions

Our team blends 230 years of domain expertise with advanced technologies to help you achieve your business outcomes.