VHP* LT to GSI Conversions

Stay ahead of falling emissions limits while improving altitude/turndown performance and engine availability with the VHP LT to GSI conversion kit.  With class leading NOx, CO, and VOC emissions, upgraded engines can be sited almost anywhere in the world to add capacity to existing sites or as part of new construction.These upgrade packages align well with top-end and bottom-end overhauls, and can be combined with the reUp program for Waukesha* gas engines’ remanufactured parts.

  • Emissions
  • Availability
  • Flexibility

Customer Benefits

                                    ** With 3 way catalyst

  • Reduce oil consumption by up to 55%.
  • Up to 95% lowered emissions without lowered performance—site up to 90% more horsepower with a LT to GSI conversion2
  • ESM engine system manager with emPact control solution maintains emissions in specified range with little to no operator intervention, using only 3% of the tuning time of other systems3
  • Wider full torque turndown range available: 750 rpm minimum for L5794GSI vs. 1000 rpm minimum for L5794LT
  • Improved altitude performance with no derate up to 8,000 feet at 100F for L5794GSI4

2 Assumes 0.3g/bhp-hr CO and NOx emissions reduction from from 3 to 0.15 g/bhp-hr at Title V limited sites.
3 Assumes 15 minute (if necessary) adjustment period for emPact vs. 8 hours for legacy AFR controls.
Compared to 5,000 feet for L5794LT.

How We Get You There

                Series 4 Cylinder Head

                Power Cylinder

Kit includes:

Series 4 cylinder head kit
Flex-head valve technology, SPARC system, oil header.

Power cylinder conversion
Includes pistons, rings, liners, and other components.

Air system conversion
Includes turbocharger, wastegate, advanced breather, and other components.

Controls upgrades
Includes ESM/ESM calibration, AFR2 air-fuel ratio system, and other components.

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Stage III / Stage III Plus¹

S4 Cylinder Head Rebuild Kits / reUp heads
New Piston
Advanced breather

¹ Requires increasing cylinder bore



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* Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company