VHP* Extender Upgrade

Reduce operating costs and improve engine availability with the VHP Extender upgrade kit.These upgrade packages align well with top-end and bottom-end overhauls.

  • Life
  • Availability

Customer Benefits

Longer maintenance intervals / Lowered maintenance costs

  • Reduced oil leaks and more consistent crankcase vacuum with advanced breather system  
  • 70% more dirt-holding capacity through a high efficiency air cleaner 
  • Extended oil change intervals with microspin oil filtration system
  • Free air/gas turbine starters
  • Double the oil capacity to extend oil change intervals with(deep sump oil pan)

How We Get You There

  • Advanced crankcase breather system
  • Advanced air cleaner
  • Spin-on oil filters
  • Mounted oil cooler
  • Turbine air starter
  • Microspin oil filtration
  • Deep sump oil pan (optional)

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        * Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company