VGF High Capacity Oil Pan

Reduce your maintenance costs and increase your uptime by upgrading your VGF* engine with a high-capacity oil pan.

  • Life
  • Availability

Customer benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to 2x extended oil change intervals
  • Increase in productivity and operational flexibility with extended periods between planned maintenance

how we get you there

The high-capacity oil pan has the same footprint and centerline found on previous VGF engines but it doubles the oil capacity, which allows for extended maintenance intervals.

For inline engines
Kit includes:

  • Oil pan assembly
  • Oil pump connections
  • Oil level regulator
  • Supporting brackets, hardware, gaskets, etc.

For vee engines
kit includes:

  •  Relocation of engine dipstick and oil level regulator

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        * Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company