Get more reliable operation and longer maintenance intervals between spark plug sleeve maintenance with the latest spark plug sleeve design for Waukesha* VHP* Series Four* cylinder heads. The new design simplifies the assembly process, ensures proper sealing between components, and uses longer life materials. The proven spark plug sleeve design has been implemented into production of new VHP Series Four cylinder heads, and can easily be installed on existing Series Four cylinder heads to enhance the reliability of Waukesha VHP engines.

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Customer benefits

  • Reduced potential for coolant leaks improves reliability and uptime.
  • Simplified process and fewer parts reduces assembly time.
  • Extended maintenance intervals reduce overall cost of ownership.

How We Get You There

  • Improved clamping retention allows better clamp load and sealing on spark plug sleeve
  • Better corrosion resistant material on spark plug sleeve and cylinder head sleeve bore
  • Simplified design with fewer assembly parts
  • Improved assembly procedure prevents over-torqueing of clamping nuts
  • New spark plug sleeve seal material that is more resistant to thermal cycling
  • Torque value stamped on spark plug sleeve flange further reduces risk of incorrect torque application

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        * Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company