Asset Performance Management (APM)

Reduce overall operating expenses, avoid unplanned downtime, and allocate resources more efficiently with GE’s gas compression Asset Performance Management(APM) system.  This tool provides a comprehensive and accurate view of your gas compression assets (engines, compressors, and balance of plant equipment) by connecting your equipment to the Industrial Internet.

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Customer benefits

Reduce operating costs and increase fleet utilization through:

  • Better reliability with early issue detection and faster issue resolution
  • Increased performance with advanced analytics and alerts
  • Improved productivity with fewer station visits and remote issue resolution

how we get you there

With APM – Machine & Equipment Health you will get:

  • Near real time remote visibility asset condition
  • Key parameters analysis and anomaly detection
  • Persona based dashboards focused on user-specific assets and data
  • System-defined  asset uptime, utilization, reliability, availability and gas throughput metrics and physics-based analytics
  • User defined – "rule-based" analytics and key metrics

Infrastructure highlights:

  • Technology Built on Predix*-enabled myPlant* platform
  • 8000+ reciprocating engine driven assets connected
  • OEM-agnostic engine, driven-equipment, and balance of plant asset connectivity

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        * Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company