Advanced Steam Path (ASP) is GE's high performance approach to steam turbine upgrades. As a world leader in steam plant solutions, GE has helped customers advance the efficiency and operation of 1,300+ steam turbine assets – of which around 30 percent have been on cross-fleet brands of other OEMs including Siemens, KWU, Westinghouse, Toshiba, MHPS and LMZ.

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GE's Advanced Steam Path upgrades can be installed on a wide range of configurations:

  • 50 HZ AND 60 HZ

The heart of plant performance

Steam turbines have on average 30 years of working life. As power producers in many parts of the world face increasing pressure to retire existing steam plants for economic or environmental reasons, the Advanced Steam Path provides a cost-effective option to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of existing steam plants with specifically tailored upgrades for high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP) and low pressure (LP) cylinders. As a Fleet360 total plant solution, ASP can be packaged with other hardware and software solutions to further expand plant performance.

1,300+ ASP upgrades delivered to customers over the past 30 years

30% of steam turbine installed capacity was supplied by GE, 50% in nuclear plants

Up to 10% better turbine efficiency for lower plant fuel consumption

Up to 56% start-up times improvement adding the Opflex Agility Solution to ASP 

30% of ASP upgrades have been done on non-GE machines             

Up to 10% output improvement provides strong potential for plant capacity increases

Up to 100,000 tons CO2 saved per year                                                                                            

Up to 100,000 hour intervals extension between major inspections

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ASP has a massive track record of upgrades from the past 30 years as well as brand new partnerships. 

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ASP is composed of advanced technologies that help to achieve higher performance and lower emissions.

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GE helps steam plant customers deliver on their power and emissions commitments.                       

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Featured Customer Outcomes

GE Helps Veolia turn up the heat in Poland

Recognizing the need to strengthen its position as the largest private operator of district heating networks—and third-largest cogeneration plant in Poland—Veolia turned to GE to improve the output and flexibility of their operations.

6 MW
increased plant output
Increase in Steam Turbine Efficiency

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