Discover our full portfolio of industrial steam turbine maintenance and repair services and solutions:

Enhancing industrial steam turbine performance and lifetime profitability

In an ever-changing competitive and regulatory environment, flexibility and expertise are key requirements. Building on our global fleet and project execution experience, we partner with owners of GE and cross-fleet brands of other OEMs to help enhance performance and lifetime profitability regardless of steam turbine industry application while keeping safety, reliability, and environmental compatibility as top priorities.


GE provides a full range of industrial steam turbine repair, maintenance and overhaul services to help achieve enhanced performance from your existing steam turbine system up to 135MW. Whether you’re a chemical manufacturer, run a refinery, or work in the pulp and paper industry, our industrial steam turbine maintenance engineers have the required expertise to re-evaluate and reconfigure your unit to meet your current or future operating needs.

Meeting industrial needs through steam turbine services

In today’s dynamic and competitive business area, industrial plant operators and steam turbine repair companies are under more pressure than ever to enhance the performance and lower the lifecycle costs of their equipment. With more than 120 years of turbine experience, GE is a global leader in power generation technology and services. GE’s industrial steam turbine service organization combines the expertise of an original equipment manufacturer with the flexibility of an independent industrial steam turbine service provider. With the presence of technically advanced solutions, service facilities, and first-class engineers, we can provide fast responses, faster outage times, and highest technical standards all while meeting strict EHS practices. 

A heritage of maintenance and overhaul of steam turbines

Thanks to the depth and diversity of our industrial steam turbine manufacturing heritage and operational feedback from one of the largest installed bases in power generation, GE can provide comprehensive industrial turbine services with capabilities that cover the full range of steam turbine and related technologies in the business sector today. With the integration of legacy Alstom technologies and solutions we can now deliver a total plant portfolio of planning/installation, steam power generation plant maintenance/repairs and upgrade/optimization solutions. Building on a broad heritage, GE offers a dedicated team of engineers and service technicians to address the needs of operators of all technology background of industrial turbines over the entire life cycle.    

GE is now the OEM for ABB, ACEC, AEI, Alsthom, Alstom, BBC, CEM, EE, EW, GE (Fitchburg), GE (Lynn), GEC, GEC Alsthom, Jugoturbina, Lang, MAN, MV, Rateau and Zamech.

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