Steam Turbine Services

Based on our vast steam turbine knowledge and global service network, Power Services offers its services for any impulse or reaction steam turbine, regardless of manufacturer and application. Our Fleet360 Total Plant offerings span steam turbine servicing of specific components to overall steam turbine health solutions. 


Our vast portfolio of developed steam turbine solutions, advanced reverse engineering capabilities and steam turbine spare parts packages cover all major fleets - from turbine operations and maintenance to performance and lifetime improvement.

Upgrades:  Our integrated approach allows us to find the ideal solution for your plant, budget, and strategy.  Steam turbine upgrades can not only help extend the life of the turbine, but improve overall steam turbine performance.
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Maintenance & Repairs: 
With a global network, we are able to provide quick and effective engineering services to any location. GE's steam turbine maintenance teams leverage online tools and specialized technicians to assist with repairs from rotors to blading. 
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Parts: Whether it’s a complete steam turbine overhaul service, or just one part, we offer standard and tailor-made parts for all types of steam turbines. GE uses precisely fabricated parts to replace steam turbine components, address issues and increase the life of a steam turbine power system.
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Multi-Year Agreements: We connect your plant's physical assets with digital technology to enhance guaranteed outputs and give greater flexibility for your plant's specific long-term goals. MYA’s from GE are completely customizable, including billing structures & contract length, to ensure they provide the best industrial steam plant solutions possible.
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Solutions for cross-fleet steam turbine

Even if GE is not the OEM of your turbine, you can still take advantage of our deep knowledge of steam turbine improvements. Power Services has a full scope of service capabilities supporting steam turbines from all major manufacturers. Our steam turbine services can help improve the cost efficiency and reliability of the whole operating lifetime of your steam turbine.
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Solutions for Industrial steam turbine

We offer a dedicated team to address the needs of operators of all makes of industrial turbines across the whole steam turbine lifecycle. Our industrial steam turbine service organization combines the expertise of an original equipment manufacturer with the flexibility of an independent service provider, offering fast responses, optimized outage times, highest technical standards and stringent EHS practices.
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Benefits of Steam Turbine Services

  • Steam turbine efficiency increase up to 10%
  • Extend maintenance intervals up to 25,000 hours
  • Reduce CO2 up to 70,000 tons per year (600 MW unit)
  • ~40% of our upgrades are on cross-fleet turbines

Featured Customer Outcome


Efficiency Increase and Emissions Reduction in Turkey

In 2016, electricity consumption in Turkey increased by 4.44% while at the same time, its electricity generation increased just 4.2%. The country needed to quickly find a way to increase power capacity, reliability, and efficiency, while also decreasing emissions. GE’s steam turbine services provided a way to meet this challenge.
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