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Fleet360* Steam Plant Service Solutions


Plant-as-a-System Expertise

Whether you are operating a Large Fossil Steam Plant, Nuclear Plant, Industrial Plant or Mechanical Drive Plant, these are uncertain times demanding flexibility and creative solutions. The Fleet360 portfolio offers tailored solutions – including cross-fleet capabilities to support more than 90 OEM brands - to help you unleash better performance, lower risk, and realize greater value from your steam plant and fleet assets.

And through the insights harnessed from deep-dive data analytics, our team collaborates with customers to help them see around corners to achieve productive outcomes

Powering Efficiency Center of Excellence

Countries are putting more emphasis on attaining the right mix of fuel sources to meet both demand and emissions requirements. 41% of the world’s electricity is being produced from coal.  While there are alternative fuel sources, many countries have energy needs that, because of economic and local resource dynamics, turn to coal as a stable and accessible energy resource.  As a result, coal-fired power generation accounts for nearly 75 percent of the electricity sector’s carbon emissions because many plants are older and inefficient.

That’s where we come in: 

A recent GE study that found carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the world’s steam fleet can be reduced by 11 percent when existing hardware and software solutions are fully applied.  With the largest services portfolio in the industry and our ability to support 90+ OEM brands across all major plant assets, we are perfectly positioned to take on this challenge. 

Our Powering Efficiency Center of Excellence (COE) was established to bring together cross-business experts in our energy businesses to apply a total plant hardware and software solution approach to boost the efficiency of the world’s new and existing coal-fired power plants and significantly reduce their emissions.

This global COE, headquartered in Baden, is creating integrated solutions as well as providing vision and oversight around the world. Regional teams are focusing on engineering capabilities and local execution, while a set of financing solutions are helping customers develop transformative projects toward a lower carbon intensity power generation mix.

Delivering efficient power with lower emissions to India

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Discover three success stories behind Powering Efficiency

3 major utilities have collaborated with GE to improve their plant performance, using GE’s Powering Efficiency Center Of Excellence initiative. This is their story.


Powering the world is hard business. Imagine having the support, and continuity, of a single service provider that understands your challenges and has the flexibility to solve any combination of needs - across any asset mix - throughout your plant's lifecycle.

With the largest services portfolio in the industry, our Fleet360 cross-fleet capabilities supports more than 90 OEM brands of gas and steam turbines, generators, boilers, and other balance-of-plant equipment.


The visibility provided by our digital solutions, blended with 230 years of total engineering expertise, positions our team to uniquely understand the complexities of your total plant operations. Customer benefits include:


South Africa's Eskom Arnot steam plant partnered with GE to develop a plant solution including upgrades to turbine modules, boiler components and pumps that increased its output by 300 MW.

Learn more about GE's pump offerings, including the vertical turbine and condensate extraction pumps. 


PGE extended the life of its Belchatow 6 plant in Poland by 25 year by implementing a boiler, steam turbine, and steam generator package.


System-level upgrades from GE can reduce steam plant fuel costs up to 10%.


With FLEX SUITE* digital solutions, GE steam plant customers can turndown to as low as 10% operation.

Emissions Reduction

GE plant solutions can be customized to help customers comply with country/region specific emissions requirements including technology to reduce SOx emissions up to 99%.


Asset performance management digital solutions can help our customers save up to $1 billion over the next decade. 

Case Studies


We will retrofit four Toshiba steam turbines at POSCO Pohang Works steel manufacturing facility.

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GE to overhaul two 130 megawatt Siemens steam turbines at DHP Wedel Power Plant in Hamburg, Germany.

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