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Can GE service my other OEM steam turbine and generator?

YES. Whether it’s a single inspection, a spare part for a Mitsubishi or a Siemens steam turbine, a repair or an upgrade or digital solution for a BHEL, we have the experience and expertise to address more than 90 other OEM brands. We have executed nearly 60 outages on other OEM steam turbine-generators and generators in 2019 alone, and we are supporting more than 60 other OEM steam turbines and generators through multi-year service agreements.


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Why choose GE for your other OEM steam turbine and generator?

When you choose to work with us, you benefit from our century of engineering leadership and large installed base to ensure your other OEM equipment operates with more reliability, availability, and flexibility.


Your other OEM steam turbine or generator will be backed by one of the world’s largest installed bases

We can tap into our installed base expertise and licensed technology around the world, and apply our lessons learned and best practices to your other OEM steam turbines and generators.

  30% of the world’s steam turbine capacity
  50% of the world’s steam turbines for nuclear power plants
  1,000+ former licensed steam turbine and generators assets

You’ll work with a local single service provider for faster answers

Our global supply chain, manufacturing sites and centers of excellence back our local teams of engineers and field service experts that understand the environment in which you operate. These layers of support allow us to quickly mobilize and identify custom solutions for your other OEM steam turbine and generator

  6,000 field services employees
  70 countries covered
  24/7 on call product support
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You’ll get your plant up and running faster

With faster delivery time and quicker emergency response, we are the right local alternative to service your OEM steam turbine and generator.

  We offer a faster outage start-up on select other OEM fleets—reducing the cooling time of the steam turbine by more than 30%.
  We’ve reduced our outage durations on select other OEM fleet by 30%.

You’ll adopt GE’s technology into your installed base

Over the past century, we have pioneered many technologies and services that we know how to apply to OEM steam turbine and generator technology.

  More than 250 other OEM generators are equipped with our Generator Health monitoring for condition-based maintenance
  We have upgraded more than 400 other OEM steam turbines – from Westinghouse design, Siemens, BHEL, Toshiba, Doosan, MHI, Ansaldo, or the Chinese fleet (Dongfang, Harbin and Shanghai).
  We have performed more than 130 upgrades such as rewinds, new rotors or stator mid-section of other OEM generators – from Siemens, Westinghouse, BHEL or brands using similar GE design like Dongfang, Toshiba, or Hitachi.
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