OpFlex System Reliability: Performance Advancements for Reliable, Cost-Effective Operations

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Key Benefits of OpFlex System Reliability Packages

The OpFlex System Reliability suite is a unique package of robust controls system advancements to help deliver better turbine availability and system reliability. Tapping into more than 10 years of controls enhancement experience, these solutions can be installed on a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs.

The OpFlex System Reliability packages—Start-up Reliability, Diagnostics Productivity, Trip Prevention and Liquid Fuel Reliability—can enable you to gather critical information for improving diagnostics, and features new performance capabilities to more effectively troubleshoot and operate your gas turbine.

Start-Up Reliability

  • Improve overall start-up process to ensure on-time, reliable plant starts
  • Increase operator awareness and progress to full speed no load
  • Enhance troubleshooting capabilities of failed starts

Diagnostics & Productivity

  • Increase productivity when executing system tests and procedures
  • Streamline overall troubleshooting process
  • Improve operator performance through more robust operational features

Trip Prevention

  • Reduce risks of trips from exhaust overpressure and over-temperature conditions
  • Better failure detection through more precise sensors and controls
  • More effective fault detection to reduce false trips and alarms

Liquid Fuel Operability

  • Have more confidence with automated pre-transfer permissive checks and new fuel transfer sequencing
  • Reduce risk of trips from low pressure atomizing air conditions
  • Lower maintenance costs with more efficient pump operation

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