OpFlex* Steam Turbine Agility

  • Fully automate steam turbine starts and enhance rotor stress control to reduce start time
  • Steam temperature and gas turbine controller integration automates ramping for consistent start times

OpFlex* Start-Up NOx

  • Reduce total NOx emissions during simple and combined cycle starts
  • Reduce visible emissions (yellow plume) during simple and combined cycle starts

OpFlex* Fast Start / Purge Credit

  • Increase turbine acceleration and loading rates to reduce fuel use and emissions during simple cycle starts
  • Transition the traditional combined cycle start-up purge to the shutdown process to reduce start time

OpFlex* Advanced Attemperator

  • Regulate steam temperature more accurately to reduce start time
  • Operate reliably at higher steam temperatures to improve plant heat rate and output

Start-Up Reliability Package

  • Streamlined start-up permissive logic simplifies the start-up process to avoid unnecessary holds
  • Comprehensive pre-start check logic exercises key actuators, valves and switches to ensure critical systems start when called, increasing start confidence

OpFlex Start-Up Agility: Solutions for Simple and Combined-Cycle Plants

Explore how OpFlex Start-Up Agility solutions can improve your simple and combined cycle starts.


OpFlex Start-Up Agility Solution Benefits

Simple Cycle Start-Up Benefits

  • Reduce start-up duration to achieve 100 percent load in as little as 10 minutes 
  • Reduce fuel costs up to 70 percent 
  • Lower start-up emissions up to 50 percent

Combined-Cycle Start-Up Benefits

  • Reduce combined-cycle start time up to 50 percent 
  • Reduce start-up variation and fuel consumption up to 35 percent 
  • Lower start-up emissions up to 50 percent 
  • Reduce risk of failed starts and asset wear and tear

GE’s Power FlexEfficiency*

The Power FlexEfficiency portfolio delivers a suite of hardware and software blended solutions that enable you to unleash the full performance and long-term value of your existing GE F-class gas turbine assets. Whether your operational demands require more output and efficiency, lower emissions and fuel use, more reliability, or all of the above, we’ll partner with you to choose from the core components and complementary technologies that will best meet your needs.

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