OpFlex AutoTune: Automated Combustion Tuning

Find out how OpFlex AutoTune can help you generate more power and revenue.

OpFlex Combustion Versatility

The OpFlex Combustion Versatility solution suite empowers you to react swiftly to dynamic conditions for improved reliability by maintaining availability during changes in fuel composition, weather and grid frequency.

OpFlex AutoTune

OpFlex AutoTune, a product within the Combustion Versatility solution suite, is designed to automate combustion tuning. Proper combustor tuning is essential to maintaining regulatory compliance, extending gas turbine hardware life to reliably generate power and revenue. With the increasing focus on performance and emissions, auto-tuning is a key enabler for gas turbine operators.

GE's OpFlex AutoTune technology combines a robust turbine control methodology, known as Corrected Parameter Control (CPC), with an emissions feedback signal, in closed loop control form, to expand the combustor's low emissions operating envelope. OpFlex AutoTune enables uninterrupted operation over a wide range of fuel variation, and during transient conditions to provide operators with improved reliability and confidence.  

OpFlex Auto Recover

The Combustion Versatility solution suite also offers OpFlex Auto Recover, designed to reduce the emissions and high maintenance factor impact tied to primary re-ignition events, by automatically restoring pre-mixed operation without interrupting load.

Several of the benefits associated with OpFlex Auto Recover are:

  • Transfer from extended lean-lean to pre-mixed 
  • Dry Low NOx operation without load interruption 
  • High emissions and maintenance operation slashed from 30+ minutes to 3-4 minutes 
  • Automated detection of mode change from pre-mixed to extended lean-lean operation 
  • Automated transfer back into pre-mixed mode at any load above the pre-mixed transfer point

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