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OpFlex Solutions allow you to get the most out of your plant equipment with Corrective Parameter Control (CPC), a robust turbine control methodology leveraged from latest in advanced DLN design.

OpFlex* Advanced Controls Solutions

CPC provides fast, accurate and adaptive control in closed loop form to enable products that enable customers to better meet the demands of a changing power market. GE's OpFlex solutions have been implemented on more than 400 gas turbines globally and have over two million hours of successful operation.

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Start-Up Agility

Increase efficiency and compress start time with OpFlex Start-Up Agility solutions. Target and improve plant start-up processes to capture new revenue and cost savings opportunities.

  • Respond to demand quickly & more reliably
  • Reduce start-up fuel costs & emissions
  • Reduce start-up duration & variation
  • Reduce parts wear & tear

100% load in as little as 10 minutes

Combustion Versatility

Maintain availability during changes in fuel composition, weather and grid frequency with OpFlex Combustion Versatility solutions. React swiftly to dynamic conditions for improved reliability.

  • Avoid manual combustion tuning
  • Maintain emissions compliance
  • Increase fuel flexibility & responsiveness
  • Respond to rapid grid frequency & load changes

Accommodate fuel Wobbe changes up to ±20%

Load Flexibility

Increase efficiency and expand the load range & ramp rate of your plant with OpFlex Load Flexibility solutions. Operate at higher maximum and extended minimum loads, using less fuel and with lower emissions.

  • Increase peak output & efficiency
  • Improve efficiency at partial loads
  • Extend turndown to lower loads
  • Respond quickly to load change requests

Increase efficiency up to 1.5% and extend turndown up to 10%

System Reliability

Keep your plant online and operating at expected levels with OpFlex System Reliability solutions. Enhanced diagnostics, trip prevention and liquid fuel capabilities maintain reliability and performance.

  • Slow performance degradation
  • Recover lost performance
  • Extend availability of assets
  • Reduce alarms and system trips
  • Reduce downtime for trip recovery

Reduce probability of system trips by up to 11%

Fine-Tune Your Operation

What if you could immediately improve the value of your plant’s newly installed units, or boost the performance of your existing hardware without performing a major outage? The OpFlex suite of advanced controls enhances performance, insight, and control of new or existing assets so you can respond quickly and confidently to new opportunities and changing demand.

What Can OpFlex Do for You?

  • Reduce fuel consumption to lower operating costs at part-load conditions. 
  • Extend turndown while maintaining emissions compliance to improve availability. 
  • Increase output to capture new revenue opportunities.  
  • Expand fuel flexibility and responsiveness to improve system reliability. 
  • Decrease start time and fuel costs to economically respond to cyclical power demands. 
  • Shorten outages and increase availability through an intelligent control system.

How We Get You There

  • Create a customized solution that works for your plant today and positions you for whatever comes next.  
  • Install quickly so you realize benefits immediately, with minimal hardware changes that mean no extended outage. 
  • Provide detailed insights and more precise control over your assets, giving you the edge in challenging situations.  
  • Free up your team to focus on higher-value tasks and reduce operator error by automating processes.  
  • Install OpFlex software in combination with hardware upgrades like Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology or Flange-to-Flange replacement to maximize performance and return on investment.  
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