Mark VIe Integrated Control System

Your ability to understand, control, and protect your entire plant is a key to deriving its greatest operating value, pulling every possible bit of efficiency, reliability, and availability from your assets. GE’s intuitive digital Mark VIe Integrated Control System (ICS) software gives you that power.

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Application Expertise Converted to Operational Advantage

Whether you’re controlling a single turbine or your entire plant, our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) expertise takes controls to new levels of performance, operability, and flexibility. Software and application implementation combine to boost your operation.

  • Increase output and turndown capabilities, while improving availability and controlling emissions with OpFlex Advanced Controls solutions.
  • Meet stringent performance targets by achieving more efficient startups and robust response to grid transients.
  • Improve startup and running reliability with advanced software based on data from a fleet of operating units.
  • Get the best possible performance while automatically maintaining emission compliance.
  • Draw actionable insights from real-time data to improve operation and maintenance.

Versatile, Open-Architecture Control System

Mark VIe ICS software was developed specifically for power generation applications. Implementing a modular architecture, Mark VIe ICS allows for a mission-specific turbine control within the same environment as an open plant process control. The system can scale across applications ranging from turbine to plant-level control and protection. Additionally, the modular technology provides extended life and allows for future technology upgrades and obsolescence protection.

  • Meet the most stringent cyber security requirements with Achilles* certified controllers and compliance with the proposed North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Version 5 Critical Infrastructure Protection Reliability Standards
  • Access modern fieldbus technology for increased diagnostics for proactive maintenance
  • Gain efficient maintenance and improved lifecycle costs with equipment-prediction capabilities
  • Choose from several operations and maintenance (O&M) tools ranging from alarm and event management to performance monitoring and device management 

Your Power Plant's “Nervous System”

There are a lot of systems and equipment operating in unison in a well-run power plant. Our “one-system” approach simplifies the control of your plant (gas turbine, steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator, and balance of plant), enabling comprehensive plant automation that enhances operability and performance and delivers predictable operations. With our digital plant wide Mark VIe ICS software, we deliver complete control solutions, so you can manage your equipment and your data easily and in real time.

  • Implement a single, unified system approach that is easy to install, commission, and maintain with one ethernet-based control system.
  • Apply comprehensive automation across the equipment in the plant. 
  • Eliminate the need for separate, disparate control systems with Mark VIe ICS digital control architecture. 
  • Utilize a single set of intuitive tools to keep the plant running at a high level of performance. 
  • Help operators diagnose upset conditions with a single synchronized data set equipped with powerful forensic tools. 
  • Understand and adjust how your plant is operating in real time, and take full advantage of business opportunities.

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