GE controls systems provide the platform to help you realize the value of innovative software enhancements, including our intuitive digital Mark VIe Integrated Control System (ICS) software and OpFlex Advanced Controls. From partial replacement to full migration onto the latest systems, our skilled technicians can help you add value across your operations, and lower installation and ongoing lifecycle maintenance costs.

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Your ability to understand, control, and protect your entire plant is essential in determining its greatest operating value. System controls that enable more efficiency and reliability of specific plant assets are an important component of this equation. GE’s intuitive digital Mark VIe Integrated Control System (ICS) software gives you that power.  

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The OpFlex solutions suite is an advanced controls software platform that can help expand the output, efficiency, flexibility, and emissions management of your GE gas turbine assets across all modes of operation. Four OpFlex solution sets have been developed to address a broad range of operational needs.

OpFlex Advanced Controls Solutions 

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