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Rotor Management

A new approach to asset management

As your plant ages, a longer planning horizon enables more options to consider and time to assess and quantify risk. Changing generation patterns and operating demands, regulatory uncertainty and increasing cost pressures all illustrate the need to cost-effectively manage the assets necessary to operating your fleet while reducing downtime for the long term. 

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What is the Future of Your Plant?

Power plants around the world face numerous challenges in today’s environment. Increased competition from coal and renewables is leading to lower margins and shrinking budgets. Changing operational demands with more cycling, part-load and turndown are presenting performance challenges. And aging assets are requiring power producers to balance short- and long-term investments in their business planning. Rotors are the heartbeat of a plant, and at the heart of an effective asset management strategy.

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As part of the Fleet360* portfolio, GE has reimagined the multi-year agreement (MYA) concept by collaborating with our customers to build solutions unique to their needs – providing exceptional value in a way that also supports their overall business models, over both the short and long terms. Today’s MYAs enhance customers' asset management strategies and connect physical assets with digital technology – delivering the full value of GE’s Fleet360* total plant solutions and providing greater flexibility to the customers who depend on us.

The new rotor program delivers exceptional value to customers who prioritize availability, performance and the flexibility required to maintain assets with an uncertain plant life - particularly customers who do not want to hold inventory, or make large capital investments in the short term. By participating in this interval-based program, customers may also take advantage of guaranteed access GE’s global rotor fleet. 

How the program works:

  1. Become a member of the GE rotor program

  2. GE provides rotors as an “interval” part or “capital part” with a full-term warranty at each major inspection (MI)

  3. GE ships a rotor (new or refurbished) to the site, when it is needed

  4. The current (or “core”) rotor is sent to the program inventory pool

  5. The title fully transfers from GE to the customer and back for each asset at each MI interval

  6. Treatment of the asset at the end-of-term is tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs

Each rotor multi-year agreement is specifically tailored with the customer’s unique needs in mind. At the conclusion of the agreement term, the customer may elect to:

  1. Have a rotor installed during the last major inspection with, at minimum, one tour remaining (similar to any hot gas path capital part)
  2. Purchase the asset for the value of its remaining life
  3. Return the rotor to GE
  4. Pursue another option

This program currently provides GE rotors for select 9- and 7- frames of E- and F-class, as well as 6F gas turbines. (NOTE: For F-class units, program applies to 6F/7F/9F.03+ and GE can migrate older assets to newer advanced technologies)


Rotor Life Extension
A cost-effective option to extend the life of the gas turbine, improve long-term reliability and manage O&M without replacing the rotor; allows for extended operation of up to two maintenance intervals  without rotor inspection

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Rotor Exchange
Guaranteed access to GE-quality rotors to improve reliability, shorten cycle times and reduce the near-term need for capital investments through a Multi-Year Agreement (MYA) designed to meet customers’ short- and long-term business objectives.

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New Rotor
Delivers long-term reliability and performance to customers who plan to operate their facility over the life of the new rotor; achieve higher reliability with reduced trips, faster start times, improved performance and efficiency due to reduced degradation. 

Gas Turbine Uprate
Combine rotor replacement with other customized hardware upgrades and digital solutions to increase plant output more than 10 percent and improve efficiency more than 3 percent, while reducing emissions and improving availability.

Gas Turbine Upgrades Catalog

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