When you choose to upgrade your equipment some questions may come up. Please read through a summary of frequently asked questions below.

What does upgrade mean?

Upgrade offerings are solutions to sustain or improve the economic viability of your GE equipment throughout its operating life. GE Jenbacher retrofit solutions improve efficiency, reliability, availability, maintainability, performance, durability, emissions, usability and/or flexibility of existing installations.

Why is GE offering upgrades?

GE aims to make its customers more successful by improving the economic viability of their installations in a changing environment and support them to meet upcoming challenges.

What are the terms and conditions for upgrades?

Read here about GE Jenbacher Service terms and conditions.

What to do if I can’t find the upgrade I was looking for?

Send an inquiry to The responsible service sales manager will handle your request and come back to you with a proposal.

I requested a quote and did not get any response yet. What to do about it?

Send a short note with your request number to and we will come back to you within 48 hours.

Are upgrades only available for older units?

If you are running rather new equipment most of the latest technology might already be applied. But as we are steadily pushing the boundaries on new technology and offer solutions for very specific customer challenges, e.g. fuel gas or version changes, it’s worthwhile to check our offerings also for this kind of installations.