Type 6 Advanced Monitoring Package

GE's new Advanced Monitoring package enables additional diagnostic features on Jenbacher Type 6 gas engines. The package includes sensors to run predictive analytics to increase uptime and reduce lifecycle cost.

  • Increase Uptime
  • Lifetime & Services Interval Extension
  • Lower Operating Costs

What can this upgrade do for you?

  • Increase uptime.
    Enhanced failure diagnostic capabilities to prevent unplanned outages. 
  • Improve management of spare parts and consumables.
    Optimized service management with predictable parts exchange. 
  • Condition-based monitoring of key components.
    Calculation of remaining component lifetime leads to enhanced maintenance planning. 
  • Maximize benefits by combining the Advanced Monitoring package with GE's RM&D solution and predictive analytics.



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Blow-By differential Pressure Sensor

Air Filter Differential Pressure Sensor

Intercooler Differential Pressure Sensor

Crankcase Pressure Sensor

Oil Consumption Counter

Oil Filter Differential Pressure Sensor


How we get you there

The upgrade for an advanced monitoring of the engine can be applied at any time, best during a scheduled service.

Upgrade Versions

Type 6 E

Type 6 F

Type 6 G

Type 6 H

Oil consumption measurement.

A flow meter continuously measures engine oil consumption. Actual and historical measurements are visualized in the DIA.NE control system. Accurate measurement of lubricating oil consumption gives maximum cost control and enables early detection of increased engine wear.
Already Equipped Already Equipped
Oil filter differential pressure sensor.

Predictive analytics and condition-based maintenance of the engine oil filter leads to reduced lifecycle cost and improved maintenance planning.
Already Equipped Already Equipped
Crankcase pressure sensor.

Continuous monitoring of the engine crankcase pressure enables predictive analytics for early failure detection of the power unit, turbo charger, and blow-by system.
Air filter differential pressure sensor.

Enables condition based maintenance of filter elements and failure detection in case of damaged filter material.
Intercooler differential pressure sensor.

Optimizes and predicts cleaning intervals.
Blow-by filter differential pressure sensor.

Enables condition-based maintenance of filter elements. Detection of damaged filter material and assembly issues (e.g. broken or missing 0-rings).
OEM documentation update.

Changes made to the installation in course of an upgrade are updated in the P&ID, Operation Manual, spare parts catalog, and wiring diagrams.


Upgrade applicable for all Type 6 Versions with control systems DIA.NE XT, DIA.NE XT3 or DIA.NE XT4. Oil consumption counter applicable to all engine series.


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