Installation & Commissioning

Installation and startup of new turbine assets can be stressful without the proper support. Your GE field services team is your partner through the entire process to provide top-tier technical and engineering expertise, and guidance to achieve a safe, high-quality installation and startup of your new unit. We provide coverage for all your installation needs.

Meet Your Startup Goals

Speed up installation with advanced planning and a skilled team ready to hit the ground running. Reduce risk with the Technical Advisory Services team on hand to ensure proper assembly and placing of parts into service. Enhance your startup process with the latest procedures backed up by extensive research and analysis. Achieve your startup goals, including on-time completion, verified equipment performance, quality workmanship, and completion within budget. 

A Powerful Partnership

Detailed guidance during the planning stage provides the road map to keep your project on track. An experienced field engineer leads the team and acts as primary contact. The knowledgeable team quickly identifies and helps resolve unexpected issues. Our team manages the proper completion and submission of reports and maintenance logs.

Want to Learn More? 

Tools & Resources

Whether you want to optimize your plant or simply get in touch with us, GE offers a wide range of tools that can help.