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HA Gas Turbine Service Solutions

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High-efficiency H-Class service solutions

The high-efficiency H-Class gas turbines provide to GE customers around the globe are equally efficient when it comes to their lifecycle services.

Built with short-cycle services in mind, both 7HA and 9HA machines feature innovative modular designs that allow for faster inspections, outages, maintenance and repairs than any operational gas turbine fleet. These advancements include quick-removal shells, field-replaceable blades and advanced inspection coverage for all blades. Short-cycle inspections for H units include:

  • Combustion inspections in less than 9 days
  • Hot gas path inspections in less than 22 days
  • Major inspections in less than 29 days

And, with a digital foundation built-in, including GE’s OpFlex controls software, HA turbines can seamlessly accommodate new software advancements that follow our customers’ evolving needs.

GE is uniquely qualified to service its global fleet of H machines. Insights our team has already gained through ~120,000 hours of operation are fueling advances in our outage, maintenance, repairs and upgrades portfolio for our H fleet of customers. 

For more information on the advantages of H-class gas turbine service solutions, contact our team, or browse our related services and HA news below.  

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