Generator Field Rewinds and Exchange Fields Increase Capacity, Reliability, and Availability

Help ensure continued reliable operation of your generator with a field rewind. Since field insulation materials will mechanically and electrically wear over time, GE provides a number of field rewind options to fit your needs including new copper coils, retaining rings and collector rings.

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More Life, Capacity, Availability, and Reliability

  • Advanced end-winding blocking supports, advanced insulation materials, and patented copper-finned ventilation ducts† provide better support and cool the unit.
  • Advanced dovetail and rotor end-slot modifications prevent crack propagation and improve cyclic duty durability.

Reduced Outage Time - Within Budget

  • Advanced repair technologies, such as retaining ring removal and installation automated skids, provide proven short cycle capabilities.
  • Off-the-shelf pre-wound, high-speed balanced exchange fields or new replacement fields provide all the benefits of a field rewind while significantly reducing outage duration.

†Model applicability must be assessed.