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With access to cost-effective generator parts engineered to current OEM standards, you can shorten maintenance outages. Our expert teams and efficient supply chain mean parts are in your hands when you need them, also helping you to stretch your generator’s useful life span. 

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Strategic Spares to Ensure Availabiliity

Partner with GE to create the best spare part strategy for your installed generator assets to minimize downtime in case of major component failure and ensure that any findings during planned inspections will be fixed before end of outage. 

Typical strategic spares: 

  • Stator 
  • Stator core including winding
  • Stator bars
  • Stator slot wedging kit
  • Rotor
  • Rotor coils
  • Exciter
  • Balance of plant (i.e. replacement pumps)

Extend Your Generator’s Life

Realize longer generator life by replacing aging parts with more durable components and take advantage of GE’s focus on continually improving parts technology to reinforce your unit’s reliability.  Several new options now available include:

• Tilt Pad Bearing for 7FH2

This retrofit kit is designed to prevent reoccurrence of edge wear and desensitize the bearing to causes of misalignment such as foundation settling, thermal distortion, and cold-to-hot-to-cold growth mismatch, which could lead to elevated bearing metal temperatures and bearing damage.

• Hydrogen Seal Ring

The improved Hydrogen Seal Ring is designed with a mechanical stop to limit seal ring movement during transient seal oil pressures and restore normal oil flow path more efficiently, reducing the risk of significant seal oil ingress into the generator.

Generator Collector Brush Holder

Redesigned to improve the ease of brush and spring replacement, the enhanced Generator Collector Brush Holder increases brush life, decreases the time required for brush change-out, and reduces the risk of collector flashovers. Learn more. 

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