Save time, reduce costs, and alleviate safety concerns with GE’s rotor-in major inspection. Specialized tooling and techniques allow B-/E-class major inspections to be performed without removing the turbine’s rotor.

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  • Save time by decreasing outage duration up to seven days.
  • Cut costs by eliminating the crane, platform, and trucks required for loading and unloading parts, and the scaffolding needed for accessing bolted flanges.
  • Reduce labor and reworks caused during dismantling and installation.
  • Reduce EHS risk with less exposure opportunities due to reduced work scope.
  • Simplify logistics by requiring fewer interfaces with other contractors, and a smaller footprint to store parts.

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 6B,7E,9E


Improved Safety

  • Reduced EHS risk with less exposure opportunities through reduced crane moves, lifting, and footprint requirements
  • Reduced likelihood of damage to the compressor or stator vanes

High Quality

  • All compressor and turbine sections are inspected
  • All lower half stator vanes will be cleaned and thoroughly inspected
  • Rotor can be rotated 360 degrees for maintenance

Outage Reduction

  • Outage durations can be reduced up to 20%
  • No downtime during the rotation of cranes
  • Generator alignment can begin sooner

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