Rad-Rad Combustor Upgrade

The Rad-Rad (Radial-Radial Swirlers) combustor is GE’s latest SAC combustor design for the LM6000. The new combustor features redesigned primary and secondary swirlers to alleviate issues with the anti-rotation tabs and coating loss, extending the life of both the combustor and downstream components.

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • The rad-rad combustor conversion utilizes the swirler design from the LM6000 PG product to increase life by improving the swirlers, venturis, and coatings along with improved swirler aerodynamics.
  • The primary jet-rad swirlers are replaced with a rad-rad swirler design. The rad-rad design significantly reduces the possibility of cracking occasionally found in the jet-rad primary swirler and the secondary swirler resulting from environmental attack and thermal stresses from NOx water. The floating mass of the swirler was reduced and the anti-rotation tabs were eliminated to improve life.
  • The venturis were also upgraded to a dual skin design to reduce thermal stresses and eliminate flash boiling inside of the venturi. It also reduces the thermal gradient across the Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) and base metal significantly, improving the life of the coating.
  • Lastly, the coatings on the fuel nozzle tip and the floating ferrule bore were changed to a T800 wear material to significantly reduce bore wear. The T800 wear coating is a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum coating designed to significantly reduce wear between the nozzle tip bore and fuel nozzle tip.

How we get you there

Replace jet-rad with rad-rad swirlers

  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Reduced NOx water erosion
  • Reduced floating mass

Dual skin venturi

  • Reduce thermal stress
  • Eliminate flash boiling
  • Reduce thermal gradient across Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) and base metal

T800 coated floating ferrule

  • Reduce bore wear
  • Requires fuel nozzles with T800 wear coating and reworked flange (new bold lengths required for reworked flange)


Applicable Turbine Models

  • LM6000