Performance Improvement Package

Improve performance and extend the hot gas path component life of your B-/E-class gas turbine units with GE’s Performance Improvement Package (PIP).

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Increase output and enhance heat rate through improved materials and airflows, reducing clearances and leakages, and enabling firing temperature increases.
  • Increase availability and lower maintenance costs by extending maintenance intervals between hot gas path inspections to as much as 32,000 hours.
  • Increase parts life up to 96,000 hours.

How we get you there

Example PIP Components

  • HPP brush seals
  • #2 bearing brush seal
  • S1S abradable coating
  • S2S and S3S honeycomb seals
  • S2N diaphragm brush seal
  • Advanced aero S3B and S3N

Go Further with DLN

Combine the durability of DLN1+ or Advanced Extendor hardware with a PIP upgrade to extend and align your gas path and combustion maintenance intervals up to 32,000 hours—providing up to four years of continuous operation between inspections.

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 6B,7E

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