High Flow Online Water Wash Upgrade

GE’s High Flow Online Water Wash increases the effectiveness of online water washes by washing the Low Pressure Compressor (LPC) and the High Pressure Compressor (HPC) independently, minimizing the engine performance degradation caused by compressor fouling. By maintaining compressor cleanliness, this system can extend or eliminate the need to shut down to perform an offline water wash.

What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Maintain performance by not allowing the compressors to foul.
  • Increased availability by reducing or completely eliminating offline washes.
  • Improve part and full load efficiency by shutting off 8th stage bleed while not operating on SPRINT.
  • Eliminate the use of water wash detergents that can leave deposits in the combustor and power turbines.
  • Up to 2.3% more output due to additional power generation over 2,000 hours compared to off-line water washes.

How we get you there

GE’s High Flow Online Water Wash can restore recoverable compressor losses due to fouling without the need to shut down the engine. This can be used at full load or partial power. These capabilities utilize current LM6000 SPRINT®system hardware and controls logic.

  • Inject water at front of Low Pressure Compressor (LPC) and High Pressure Compressor (HPC).
  • Utilize the LP and HP SPRINT nozzles.
  • Add air valve to regulate water atomization through the SPRINT nozzles to optimize water droplet size for cleaning.
  • Modify water flow schedules to optimize water flow and droplet size.
  • Monitor and wash the LPC and HPC independently based on individual compressor performance.

Applicable Turbine Models

  • LM/TM2500, LM6000