LMS100PA+ Upgrade


The first generation LMS100 combines proven heavy-duty frame and aviation engine technology to deliver over 100 MW of power. But, as electricity consumption grows, so must the ability to deliver power without affecting the heat rate, emissions, or reliability. This upgrade will increase airflow function into the gas turbine resulting in more power and higher efficiency.

LMS100PA+ Upgrade Benefits

  • +3.4% airflow function into the gas turbine
  • Up to 9MW more power
  • Increase in efficiency by +0.4%
  • A 0% change in emissions
  • Includes upgrades to the latest controls software


Increase airflow function into the gas turbine. Optimize compressor temperature & discharge pressure limits.  Maintain firing temperature & rotor speed.

  • Redesigned PT airfoils - Stage 1 Blades, Stage 2 Nozzles & Stage 2 Nozzles Borescope Segment
  • Upgraded Core & Sequencer Software - Increased maximum compressor discharge pressure (PS3) & temperature (T25) adjustments

Same expected output performance as new production LMS100PA+

Applicable Turbine Models

  • LMS100PA
LMS100-PA 450x350