LM6000 Peak Performance

The Peak Performance Upgrade enables the LM60000PC to achieve up to 5% additional output over current nominal power through peak firing. This capability is available within the T2 range of 45°F to 85°F. OEM controls system and S7 fuel core software are required.

  • Output

What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • 5% increase in power to be used when economically viable based on accelerated engine life
  • Advanced monitoring algorithms to accurately track life impact, specifically logging:
    • Time
    • T48 temperature
    • SPRINT® flow
    • NOx water flow

How we get you there

  • Increased SPRINT® water flow to suppress the T3 temperature to push the controls into T48 control.
  • Increased T48 maximum temperature to produce more power.
  • Maximum NOx water ratio of 1:1.
  • Operable at T2 temperatures between 45 and 85°F.

This upgrade requires modifications:

  • Turbine Modifications – The turbine requires that SPRINT® and VIGVs are installed; that a Bore Scope Inspection (BSI) is performed every 4,000 operating hours; condition-based maintenance; the service factors are current as follows: 
    • Fired hours factor of 2.5 – Every hour in Peak Performance is equivalent to 2.5 fired hours; 
    • Cycle factor of 3.8 – Every cycle of Peak Performance is equivalent to 3.8 starts.
  • Controls Modifications – Upgrade to the latest fuel control software; possibly upgrade control system hardware; Tier 1 RM&D service is required; life tracking in control software and displayed on HMI.

Applicable Turbine Models

  • LM6000